Melina Dezhbod - A Season of Hope and Expectation is Upon Us

Melina Dezhbod - A Season of Hope and Expectation is Upon Us



“My family came to America from Iran in 2000 escaping religious persecution. When I reflect on my family’s journey, what always amazes me are all the people who risked their lives to help strangers. Seeing that love made me ask how I could one day give that love to others as it was given to my family.”


— Melina Dezhbod



Melina Dezhbod is a recipient of a 2018-2019 SIM Becoming Beloved Community scholarship – intent on diversifying the leadership of the Episcopal Church. Her call is to combine her training as social worker with her theological education to create transformational Episcopal ministries in communities serving the homeless and displaced.


Advent is a season of expectation and hope. As we wonder who will lead us into the future and prepare for Jesus’s birth, we at SIM remember the Holy Family, and how God raised up a mighty savior from the humblest of beginnings. God modeled for us the way of giving, and taught us to look in unexpected places for those who lead according to God’s priorities.

The Society for the Increase of the Ministry (SIM) is committed to following God’s call to lift up leaders from all walks of life to bring the transformation that is needed today in the Church and in the world.

Give today, in the name of someone whose leadership has shown you the way.

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